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Lab Printer Usage

Monitoring Your Printing Activities

At present, Computer Science (CS) students are subject to a monthly printing limit of 50 pages. For any additional pages required, the option to print is available for a fee at Morris Library and within the Classroom Learning Centers (CLC) located throughout the campus.

Please take note of the following:

In the event of printer malfunctions, such as paper jams or depleted toner, kindly reach out to the Main Office or seek assistance at Engineering A0311. Do not attempt to open the printer yourself. Additionally, if you utilized non-standard print settings for your print job, it is advisable to inspect the job queue for any specific errors. You may consider canceling your print job or clearing previous print jobs from other students within the system. Do not hesitate to request assistance if you encounter any issues; we are here to provide support for your printing requirements.

Key Guidelines to Adhere To:

  1. Avoid using the printer for duplicating multiple copies, as toner is a costly resource.
  2. Refrain from recycling paper; instead, utilize new, standard printing paper exclusively. The use of recycled paper often leads to paper jams and may ultimately harm the printer.
  3. Use printers solely for your CS TA/RA/GA or CS course-related printing.
  4. Should the toner be running low, kindly notify the CS main office at Eng A0319.