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 CS User Account

CS User Account

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Account Quotas

Account Linux Windows
Graduate Students (Doctoral) 1 GB shared
Graduate Students (Master) 1 GB shared
Undergraduate Students 1 GB shared
Class Accounts (siucsXXX) 1 GB shared
  • To check you current quota usage
    • Linux: in a terminal, run quota -v loginID to see the usage.
  • To prevent data lost and account lock-out, you should check your account quota regularly.


Use Your CS Account

  • There are two Linux servers (pc00.cs.siu.edu and pc01.cs.siu.edu) that allow CS students 24/7 SSH and SFTP remote access regardless on-campus or off-campus. You can use ssh client or sftp client with your Linux account to remote access those two servers.
  • On-Campus
    • You can access all computers in CS Labs (except Hands-on Lab) with your CS account. Free printing service is provided in each computer in CS Labs for CS students.
    • Except Hands-on Lab, each computer in CS Labs is Window/Linux dual-bootable. Remember to use your Window account password for Window OS and Linux account password for Linux OS.
  • Off-Campus
    • Besides pc00.cs.siu.edu and pc01.cs.siu.edu servers, you need to install and run SIUC VPN client in order to use other CS facilities like mySQL/Oracle database or Tomcat JSP/Servlet server. For more details on SIUC VPN client, please visit SIUC Wireless.


Access CS Database Servers

The following documentation provides connection information for our database servers.


Access your CS GitLab Account

  • Students will no longer be provided an @cs.siu.edu email address.
  • Students should phase into using strictly their @siu.edu email addresses.


Create Your Own Website and Run CGI/PHP/JSP/Servlet Scripts

  • How to post your webpage
    • Log on to a Linux computer or SSH to pc00.cs.siu.edu or pc01.cs.siu.edu.
    • In a terminal, make sure there is a directory called public_html under your home directory.
      • ls -l ~
    • If not, create the directory with this command "mkdir ~/public_html" (without "").
    • In a terminal, use following two commands to make sure the permission of your home directory and public_html folder are correct.
      • chmod o+x public_html
      • chmod o+x /home/your_login_id
    • Put your index.html and other website files under the public_html directory you just created.

      Detailed instructions with screenshots.

    • Use a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer to open your webpage. The URL is: http://www.cs.siu.edu/~your_login_id/
  • How to run your cgi scripts
    • Refer to How to post your webpage above and make sure you follow all steps.
    • Create a directory called cgi-bin under your public_html directory.
    • Change the permission of the cgi-bin directory to others readable and executable.
      • chmod o+rx ~/public_html/cgi-bin
    • Put your cgi file under the cgi-bin directory and change permission of the cgi file others readable and executable.
      • chmod o+rx ~/public_html/your_cgi_file_name.cgi
    • Now you can run your cgi program by accessing http://www2.cs.siu.edu/~your_login_id/cgi-bin/your_cgi_file_name.cgi
  • How to run your php scripts
    • Refer to How to post your webpage above and make sure you follow all steps.
    • Put your file.php under the public_html directory.
    • Change the permission of the file.php to others readable.
      • chmod o+r ~/public_html/file.php
    • Now you can run your php script by accessing http://www2.cs.siu.edu/~your_login_id/file.php
  • How to deploy and run your jsp/servlet scripts


Account Policy

  • CS Account
    • CS Departmental computer accounts will be issued to undergraduate who completes 200-level courses and graduate students majoring in Computer Science. These accounts remain active as long as the account holder has a declared major of Computer Science.
  • Non-CS Account
    • Accounts will also be issued to students enrolled in Computer Science courses which require access to the department's computing facilities. These accounts remain active for only one semester or until the account holder is no longer enrolled (registered) for the course. The login ID for these accounts will be of the form siucs###. These accounts are to be used exclusively for assigned Computer Science course work. Other use of these accounts may result in the account being disabled.
  • All Account Holders
    • must comply with the Computer Science's Departmental Policies on Academic Dishonesty
    • must comply with University policies regarding computing and networking resources. (refer to SIUC Electronic Information Privacy)
    • will be held accountable for all files in their accounts.
    • are responsible for periodically changing their password.
    • are responsible for periodically check their disk quota and backing up their files and emails.
    • are not permitted to share their account with others (i.e., one person, one account). If it is discovered that an account is being shared, the account will be disabled. Note: If you need to allow others access to your files, a better way is to set up a group ID and put everybody that needs access to those files in the new group. New group IDs can be set up by the Computer System Architecture Specialist in Faner 2135.
    • are to use the CS computing facilities responsibly. Any abuse (such as printing electronic book or Non-CS related documents, illegally downloading copyright materials, playing games, accessing pornographic websites and other inappropriate behaviors) will result in account removal.
    • are implied with the responsibility to immediately report any computing facility problems to Computer System Architecture Specialist in Faner 2135 or CS Main Office in Faner 2125.