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How to Scan

The HP Scanjet 8270 is located in Computer Lab (Engineering A0410).

To use the scanner:

  • Open the hood of the HP Scanjet 8270, put what you want to scan on the flat-bed scanner;
  • Log to the computer next to the scanner.
  • Load the Dash search menu (Windows Key)
  • Type "scan" in the search field.
  • Double click, Simple Scanner.
  • Click Scan with the document inside the flatbed scanner.
  • A preview image will appear on the right.
  • Please note: You can scan additional pages by selecting scan again.
  • When finished, select Save.
  • Select the File Type you wish to save the document as in the lower left.
  • Name your file accordingly and save it to your desired destination.
  • Instructions are also available as a pdf.

Computer Lab Printing Instructions

The Dell Laser Printer in the CS Computer Lab (Engineering A0410) supports duplex printing, i.e. printing on both sides of the paper. It can be set to print either duplex or non-duplex through the "Printing Preferences..." window. By default, the printer will print all documents in duplex format. 

The printer should be setup automatically after you logged in. If not, please come by Engineering A0311 and ask for assistance.

Check Your Printing Activities


  • To cancel a printing job after you send it to the printer:
    • Click on Start | Printers and Faxes
    • Double click on the printer to which you sent the printing job
    • Select the printing job you want to cancel, then click Document | Cancel


  • To cancel a printing job, you'll need to access the job queue.  Print jobs that can't be processed by the printer will be automatically canceled.

If the printer is not functioning paper jam, out of toner, etc..., please contact Main Office or ask for assistance in Engineering A0311. Do not attempt to open the printer.

Some Important Rules

  • Do not use the printer as a copier to make multiple printouts. Toner is a very costly resource;
  • Do not re-use paper. Instead, use new, regular printing paper only. Used paper often causes jams and will eventually damage the printer;
  • Use printers for your CS TA/RA/GA or CS course-related printing only;
  • If the toner is low, please report to the CS main office (Engineering A0311).