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Computer Science

Computer Science is a broad and multidisciplinary field. Its general focus is on the design, analysis, and use of computer hardware and software. As an academic discipline, it does not focus on just one technology, programming language, or computer architecture. Rather, it seeks to ground the student in fundamental concepts that apply to many environments. This produces graduates who can perform a wide range of tasks in the present environment, and who can also successfully adapt to the rapid changes that are certain to occur in the field. Computer science students not only study-specific software, hardware, and algorithms, but they also study generalities and basic principles essential for future growth.

The rich diversity in our student body enhances our programs by providing heterogeneous perspectives that complement our research, teaching, and service, as well as propels the frontiers of knowledge. Our varied backgrounds and experiences mirror our community at large. By training the next generation of leaders and scholars in the field of Computer Science, we promote opportunities propagated well beyond our region. Our programs are committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities through recruitment, admission, and sponsored programs.

What we offer

The curriculum offered by the Computer Science Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale prepares its graduates for positions in the computer industry, as well as for advanced studies and research. The Computer Science Program offers an undergraduate major leading to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, an undergraduate minor, and graduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The Bachelor of Arts degree enables students to pursue a fifth year of studies leading to an MBA degree. In support of these degree programs, the computer science program offers courses covering all the major areas of computer science, including software engineering, data structures, programming languages, networks, wireless computing, database systems, computer architecture, analysis of algorithms, systems programming, systems administration, operating systems, computer graphics, visualization, artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, VLSI design, fault-tolerant computing, parallel and distributed computing, computer security, web application development, bioinformatics, and applications in mathematics and business.

Careers in Computer Science

Career opportunities in computer science are excellent, both now and into the foreseeable future. The work of computer professionals involves much more than just writing programs. It also encompasses the analytical and technical skills needed to design algorithms and data structures, understands and exploit the sophisticated hardware and software systems available today and in the future, and to develop new systems for myriad applications.

Graduates find careers in computer science available from a variety of employers and in all regions. Many of our graduates are involved in software development and are recruited by the prestigious companies such as Boeing, Motorola, Caterpillar, SBC Communications, Lockheed-Martin, Anderson Consulting, Microsoft, and State Farm. The positions these graduates have filled include software engineer, systems analyst, programmer, and systems administrator.

University Career Services coordinates a vigorous placement program for all students. It offers assistance with resume preparation and interview skills. For a small fee, they will provide job notices and mail your cover letters, resumes, and references to specific job openings. The office also plans and publicizes campus recruiting visits by employers, and will help you arrange interviews with recruiters. They will help you maintain a placement file with the University for as long as you like.