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Undergraduate Advisement

The Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director will meet with new admitted and transfer students to review your career objectives and help you outline a course of study to meet your goals. The Director is available for assistance to CS undergraduate majors at any time throughout their program of study. To make an appointment, call the Computer Science Main Office at 536-2327. Additionally, an Undergraduate Orientation seminar is conducted each fall semester. The seminar offers you an opportunity to gain familiarity with changes in the curriculum and an opportunity to ask questions regarding the curriculum, course offerings, advisement, registration, and computer science program issues.

There are some Computer Science students who must meet with the Undergraduate Program Director. They are:

  • Students who are on academic probation.
  • Students who have less than a 2.00 average in the major.
  • Students deemed to be academically "at risk."
  • Graduating seniors (with Major Check forms).

New freshmen or transfer students

Once admitted to the University and after the initial meeting with the Undergraduate Program Director, new freshmen and/or transfer students must make an appointment with an advisor in the College of Engineering Advisement Office, located in Engineering D 104. To make an appointment, please call (618) 453-2261, several days in advance. This will allow the advisor time to review your transfer credit and set up the MATH placement testing if needed.



Make advisement/registration appointments early. During the second week of each semester, the College of Engineering Advisement Office begins making advisement/registration appointments for the next semester. Registering early can make a difference in obtaining the classes you want.

To make an appointment, please call (618) 453-2261. The College of Engineering Advisement Office is located in Engineering D 104.

For more information, please visit: https://engineering.siu.edu/people/advisement.html