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High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) stands as a pillar of modern computational research, powering breakthroughs across diverse scientific and engineering domains. At SIU Carbondale, our pursuit in HPC revolves around the design, analysis, and application of state-of-the-art computing platforms and large-scale computing techniques. Our researchers are dedicated to optimizing computational processes, developing scalable algorithms, and harnessing the vast potential of parallel and distributed computing. As we handle massive datasets and tackle complex problems that were once deemed insurmountable, our mission remains clear: to advance the frontiers of research by leveraging the unparalleled processing power of HPC, driving both theoretical advancements and real-world applications.


Faculties Working on High-Performance Computing

Khaled Ahmed

Associate Professor

Dr. Ahmed

Office: Engineering A0307C
Phone: (618) 453-6048
Email: kahmed@cs.siu.edu

Ph.D., Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Current Research Interests:

High-Performance Computing, Distributed and Parallel computing, Peer-to-Peer computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Image processing.

Website: https://www.cs.siu.edu/~kahmed

Director: Big Data & Software Engineering Lab (BASE Lab)

Xiaolan "Sharon" Huang

Assistant Professor


Office: Engineering A0307A

Phone: (618) 453-6036


Ph.D., Computer Science, Southern Illinois University

Current Research Interests:

Bioinformatics, big data analytics, machine learning, high performance computing.

Website: https://www.cs.siu.edu/~xhuang

Director: Bioinformatics & HPC Research Lab

Chun-Hsi "Vincent" Huang

Director of the School of Computing

Dr. Huang

Office: Engineering A0319D

Phone: (618) 453-6033

Email: chuang@cs.siu.edu

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo

Current Research Interests:

Extreme-Scale Computing and Data Analytics, Computational Biology, Security and Applied Algorithmics.

Director: Extreme-Scale Computing & Data Analytics Lab

Dunren Che



Office: Engineering A0307B

Phone: (618) 453-6046

Email: dche@cs.siu.edu

Ph.D., Computer Science, Beijing University Of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Current Research Interests:

Database & Data Mining, Big Data Management & Analysis, Machine Learning & Recommendation, Cloud & Fog/Edge Computing, Crowdsourcing, Scientific Workflow, Personalized Learning & Education.

Website: https://www.cs.siu.edu/~dche

Director: Cloud Computing & Big Data Lab