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High Achiever Tuition Rate

High Achiever Tuition Rate for Graduate Students

Effective fall 2016 the SIUC Graduate School will be offering an alternative
High Achiever Tuition Rate to all new, first-time, non-resident graduate students
who demonstrate high academic achievement via GRE exam scores.

Eligible students will pay an alternate tuition rate equivalent to the current
Illinois in-state graduate tuition rate. This rate is 40% of the non-resident
tuition rate, so this is a significant benefit!

The definition of high academic achievement on the GRE exam is a score of 80%
or higher on either the Verbal Reasoning OR Quantitative Reasoning sections of
the exam. This currently means a Verbal Reasoning score of at least 159 or a
Quantitative Reasoning score of at least 161. (Your GRE score report will show
your score percentages along with the scaled scores.)

In order to receive the High Achiever Tuition Rate while at SIUC, students must
submit an official GRE score at the time of admission. Current/previous students
are not eligible to receive the High Achiever rate, and scores submitted after
admission will not affect a student's tuition rate.

Eligible students should go through the normal admissions process for CS graduate
programs. The Computer Science Program will identify students eligible for the High Achiever
rate, and forward this information to the Graduate School. Applicants who are
eligible for the High Achiever rate must make certain their official GRE scores
are sent directly to the Computer Science Program, and arrive prior to their admissions being

Note: the GRE exam is not a requirement for admission to the CS MS program, but
it is a requirement for this alternative reduced tuition rate. It is also highly
recommended for new MS students to be considered for assistantships.

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Note: Prior to starting your application process through the link above, please review our school of computing computer science program requirements for our master's and doctoral programs.

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