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Graduate Course Listings | Computer Science | SIU

Course Listings

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400 Level

CS 401    Computer Architecture

CS 404    Autonomous Mobile Robots

CS 406    Basic Linux System Administration

CS 407    Advanced Linux/UNIX Programming

CS 408    Applied Cryptography

CS 409    Ethical Hacking

CS 410    Computer Security

CS 412    Programming Distributed Applications

CS 413    Digital Forensics

CS 415    Network Forensics

CS 416    Compiler Construction

CS 420    Distributed Systems

CS 425    Principles of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

CS 430    Database Systems

CS 431    Cyber-Physical Systems

CS 434    Learning from Data

CS 435    Software Engineering

CS 436    Artificial Intelligence I

CS 437    Machine Learning and Soft Computing

CS 438    Bioinformatics Algorithms

CS 440    Computer Networks

CS 441    Mobile and Wireless Computing

CS 447    Introduction to Graph Theory

CS 449    Introduction to Combinatorics

CS 451    Theory of Computing

CS 455    Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis

CS 471    Optimization Techniques

CS 472    Linear Programming

CS 475    Numerical Analysis

CS 480    Computational Statistics II

CS 484    User Interface Design and Development

CS 485    Computer Graphics

CS 487    Software Aspects of Game Development

CS 491    Special Topics

CS 492    Special Problems

CS 493    Seminar

500-600 Level

CS 501     Advanced Computer Architecture

CS 503     Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems

CS 510     Wireless and Network Security

CS 511     Formal Specification of Programming Languages

CS 512     Declarative Programming

CS 514     Advanced Operating Systems

CS 515     Computational Blockchain

CS 516     Advanced Compilers

CS 520     Advanced Topics in Parallel & Distributed Computing

CS 525     Security Issues in Cloud Computing

CS 530     Advanced Data Base Systems

CS 531     Security in Cyber-Physical Systems

CS 532     Topics in Information Systems

CS 533     Data Mining and Big Data Analysis

CS 534     Big Data Management and Analytics

CS 535     Advanced Machine Learning

CS 536     Artificial Intelligence II

CS 537     Advanced Topics in Expert Systems

CS 538     Game Theory in Networks

CS 539     Agents and Multiagent Systems 

CS 540     Advanced Computer Networks

CS 553     Formal Languages and Automata

CS 555     Computability and Complexity

CS 572     Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis

CS 585     Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

CS 586     Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

CS 590     Readings

CS 591     Special Topics

CS 593     Seminar

CS 598     Graduate Project

CS 599     Thesis

CS 600     Doctoral Dissertation

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