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Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Computer Science

Program Description

    The School of Computing Computer Science Program offers a graduate program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in Computer Science through the Graduate School. The Computer Sciences Ph.D. program prepares a student to undertake independent research in either an academic or non-academic setting. The program is structured around the Ph.D. thesis; course and seminar work are designed with the requisite quality of the thesis in mind. A criterion for the thesis is that it be publishable in a recognized journal.

More information is available on:

Application Information

Each application is reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis. The evaluation of applicants for admission is based primarily on the student's academic record and area of research interest. Application materials should include evidence of scholarly ability and/or achievement (e.g. awards, scholarships, work experience, recommendation letters, and published research papers). Only those who best meet the research goals and objectives of the doctoral program will be selected for admission. Graduate Assistantships are available for more than 90% of admitted Ph.D. students.

Our recommendation regarding your admission is dependent upon your eligibility, which will be determined from the information you provide on the forms and required documentation. You will need to submit ALL of the following information electronically before any action will be taken on your application:

1. Graduate School Application

Carefully read all instructions and fill out the graduate application at:

2. $65 application fee in U.S. funds – This can be paid with credit card done online at the time of application. Otherwise, you must pay by check made payable to "Southern Illinois University Carbondale;" this fee will not be waived and is non-refundable. U.S. bank checks or money orders should be sent with student's name on front of check in "memo" section to computer science program's address which follows below.

The following must be uploaded with Graduate School application or sent to the computer science program:

3. Official transcripts and/or diplomas (degrees) for all university-level courses in your native language and English. NOTE: Your master's U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) must be 3.25 (4.0=A) or higher. These should be NON-Consolidated Official certified true photocopies of individual mark sheets and/or degrees for each semester or year courses, in your native language and English. They must be issued & certified by the University and have an original school seal and original signature of 1) The Registrar's Office, 2) The Controller of Exams OR 3) the U.S. Educational Foundation. Consolidated mark sheets are not acceptable.

4. TOEFL or IELTS score (International applicants only, minimum score is 550 paper/213 computer based/80 iBT; IELTS 6.5) – A) photocopy of the TOEFL Examinee Score Report or IELTS report uploaded with application or sent to ( AND B) an official TOEFL or IELTS report or score sent to our Graduate School from Educational Testing Services. These scores cannot be more than 24 months old at the beginning of the semester for which you are applying.

5. GRE score report: upload the GRE Score Report with your application AND B) have an official GRE score sent to our Graduate School from Educational Testing Services.

6. Recommendation letters [application has form provided & ability to upload scanned/signed letters with form] -- three (3) letters recommended.

7. Statement of Purpose.

8. Photo of passport page (International applicants only) which has your full name & birth date. This is a policy required of us by the USCIS because the information on the passport must match the information on your application & your I-20 if you are admitted. This is usually the second page.

9. Any additional evidence of scholarly ability and/or achievement (e.g. awards, scholarships, work experience, and published research papers; CV or resume may be included).

NOTE: You are responsible for providing all the documentation and information. You should have ORIGINALS of all documentation you submitted so you can provide them immediately to us if requested. This computer science program will not request anything from other departments, colleges, universities or other sources. Remember to always use your full name as it appears in your passport when you correspond with any office at this university.

If needed to postal mail or courier deliver, please send the above to:

Graduate Program Assistant
School of Computing
Engineering A0319 Mail Code 4511
1230 Lincoln Drive
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale IL 62901