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Financial Assistance

Many qualified graduate students in Computer Science receive financial support in the form of teaching or research assistantships. Appointments are normally made on a half-time basis, committing the student to 20 hours of work per week. The stipend associated with such assistantships is approximately $1400 per month for half-time appointments. In addition, tuition fees are waived. Ordinarily, a student whose academic progress and performance of duties have been satisfactory is eligible for reappointment. Students who hold an assistantship normally take 9 credit hours per semester.

Students who receive an offer of a graduate assistantship are selected, on a competitive basis, from among those who have been admitted to the graduate program in Computer Science. The main criteria used in making this selection are the quality of the academic background of the student and his/her knowledge and skills relative to the assigned responsibilities. In addition, other factors may be taken into consideration. These include GRE scores, TOEFL scores (when applicable), letters of recommendation, and the overall reputation of the student's undergraduate institution. If the Computer Science Program cannot provide an assistantship since the number is limited, you may check the SIU Graduate School's web page on Graduate Administrative Assistantship Job Postings for possible employment, which should include tuition waivers, too. If you cannot find a job before you arrive, our graduate students usually do not have difficulty finding on-campus employment due to their computer skills and background.

In addition to assistantships, a limited number of graduate fellowships are available to academically superior students. Graduate fellowships provide a stipend of approximately $1400 per month, along with a tuition waiver. No duties are required of graduate students holding fellowships.