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CS Day 2013 Web Competition Rules

Healthy eating plays a critical role in prevention of overweight and obesity that affect all people regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity. Obesity is a preventable condition that affects quality and length of life. Overweight and obesity are contributors to many preventable chronic health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, arthritis, asthma and disability. Now an ambitious SIU graduate is planning to launch a “healthy eating” restaurant in downtown Carbondale. His goal is to help advocate community health via serving healthy foods at his restaurant. You and your team are required to develop a comprehensive website for his restaurant – help him to succeed (in other words, to attract more customers). You shall widely use your creativity and imagination to add any elements to the website as long as they fit the theme of “healthy eating” in the setting of a restaurant, whether they are regarding cuisine, materials, types of food, or habit of eating, etc.

In order to accommodate the creativity of different teams, this competition only sets the main theme, i.e., “healthy eating” in the setting of a restaurant, and does not impose any specific requirements. However, to help you quickly form your initial design, the following list of items is provided as hints:

• The main page with navigation side bars (filled with clickable links)

• Entries for users to raise questions or leave comments

• Entries (or forms) for customers to reserve places and put orders online (thus shall include input elements such as customer name, gender, address, phone number, and credit card information, etc.)

Note that professional websites often instantly check the validity of user input, e.g., the phone number of 618-4543-2176 would instantly be captured as invalid, and the user would be prompted to reenter the information. You may integrate this kind of function if you know how to do it.

Important notes:

1. Server-side functions (such as handling of forms upon submission) are not required and will NOT earn any extra credit for your team.

2. You can copy any relevant content from other websites as pure text but you shall NOT copy or simulate the structures of other web pages which the judges could easily identify if you do so.

Additional Notes:

1. Generally, web technologies can be classified as client-side technologies and server-side technologies (both sides include various languages and tools). Your team is expected to do the client-side development only. But if your team has the knowledge, you may implement some cool functions using server-side support such as PHP, CGI, Ajax.

However, the judges will solely look at what you delivered and demonstrated at the client-side.

2. You can include images (graphics) and video clips on your web page. To do this, you can create any image by using any type of software available to you. You can also include downloaded materials into your website. But the key point is – you have to have everything seamlessly integrated into your website which should appear as a coherent whole and fit the theme as clearly described above.

3. You are required to upload your web pages at least three times during the competition; preferably at 11:00, 12:30, and 1:30. An assistant is available to help you upload the web pages developed by your team to our department web server when needed. We suggest you upload your web pages every hour. This is because the judging process is conducted in real time; i.e., when you are developing the website, the judges are evaluating your design. 

Your design will be evaluated in real time, based on the following grading criteria:

• Proper organization of the website (e.g., don’t squeeze everything into a single page)

Creativity (leading to great attractiveness to customers)

• Content (must fit the theme)

• User Friendliness (including convenient navigation among the topics and pages)

• Visual Design

Good luck and watch your time!