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Adjunct Faculty

Dr. David L. Brown. MD

Professor of Medicine


Phone: (314) 362-1291

Education: M.D., Baylor College of Medicine

Current Research Interests:

Use of machine learning to make more individualized treatment decisions.

Dr. Garth Crosby

Department of Technology

Dr. Garth Crosby


Phone: (618) 453-7841

Education: Ph.D., Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Florida International University

Current Research Interests:

Dr. Crosby’s primary interests of research are wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, ad hoc networks, network security, and trust modeling. He has served as a reviewer for several conferences, magazines and journals publications, including IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Communications Magazine and the International Journal of Network Security (IJNS). He is a member of IEEE Computer and Communication Societies, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and Eta Kappa Nu.

Dr. Jane Geisler-Lee

Department of Plant Biology


Phone: (618) 453-2576

Education: Ph.D., Plant Biology, Ohio State University

Current Research Interests:

Using microscopy (TEM, SEM, multiphoton) including 3D imaging for analysis of biological systems. Integrating phenomics with genome and post-genomics tools to answer biological environmental issues like nanoparticles. In both interests, using Big Data and Data Analytics with High Performance Computing (HPC) to efficently analyze mass data (e.g. images and DNA sequences).

Current Collaboration:

Currently, I have two projects in collaboration with two computer science faculty, Drs. Mengxia Zhu and Qiang Cheng. In a genomics project with Drs. Zhu and Matt Geisler (in Plant Biology), HPC BigDog is being utilized to build a better tool for the SIUC faculty of biological and medical research to assemble genomes and transcritomes from high throughput sequencing. In an ecological physiology project with Drs. Cheng, Geisler and David J. Gibson (in Plant Biology), I am using Octave on small and large computers to convert digital images of roots into a 3D numerical matrix in order for us to statistically analyze and understand changes to root growth architecture and orientation (i.e., root behavior) when crowded with other plants (i.e., intraspecific competition for resources and space).

Elham Khorasani

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., Computer Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Current Research Interests:

Big Data and Data Analytics, Healthcare Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing.