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Request Equipment

If you are going to use your Laptop for presentation, you don't need to submit this reservation form. Just remember to reserve the Conference Room from CS Main Office.

This table details the dates of equipment is available
Availability Dates of Equipment
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Availability Available Available Available Available Available

* Equipment is only available during these times.

A Set Include -- Notebook, MS Office XP, and a Multimedia Projector.


  • You must reserve at least one week ahead(Plan ½ hour before and after for setup and take down)
  • Availability of equipment is not guaranteed unless reserved.
  • You should arrange a time to test the equipment before your presentation.

Reservation Form for Presentation Equipment

Complete this form to reserve equipment for presentation owned and maintained by the Department of Computer Science. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Please be as complete as possible when answering the questions.

Personal Information
Equipment Reservation For:
"Practice Session" for Presentation
Date Requested for Presentation
Equipment Needed

**By default, computer projector is included.**