MOHAMMAD SAYEH | Department of Computer Science | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Science


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Oklahoma State University
Current Research Interests:

Phonotics and neural networks.

Dr. Sayeh's research focuses on the photonic implementation of computing/information subsystems and understanding of information storage and clustering systems. Currently he is involved with the design and analysis of adaptive associative memory architectures based on ordinary differential equations. He is also exploring photonic architectures for building a terahertz A/D converter which will be used in digitizing RF signals.


  • B. Regez, M. R. Sayeh, A. Mahajan, and F. Figueroa, (2009) "A Novel Fiber Optics Based Method to Measure Very Low Strains in Large Scale Infrastructures,"Measurement, Vol. 42, pp. 183-188.
  • M. R. Sayeh and J. W. Park, (2008) "Spinning-top Dynamics of Photorefractive Grating," Optics Communications, Vol. 281, No. 8, pp. 2309-2315.
  • M. R. Sayeh and S. Siahmakoun, (2008) "Binary Delta-Sigma Modulators," US Patent: 7,355,538.

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